What Do Points Do In Super Auto Pets?

Similarly, Can you use cheat engine on Super Auto Pets?

Steam trainers and hacks Super Auto Pets are not supported by WeMod.

Also, it is asked, Does Parrot work with Bison Super Auto pets?

Please be aware that Parrots cannot duplicate other abilities that start or finish a round (e.g. Bison).

Secondly, How long is a game of Super Auto pets?

To get 10 victories before running out of life is the objective of Super Auto Pets. If you go through completely, this usually takes about 10-15 minutes. But in this game, there are no time limits or time-outs! Play a round, put your phone away for an hour, then come back to start your next round.

Also, Is Elephant good in super auto pets?

The Elephant performs best when coupled with creatures like the camel, blowfish, and peacock that profit from suffering harm.

People also ask, Can you chain Tigers in Super Auto pets?

It won’t effect friends (like monkeys) whose powers come into play outside of combat. Tigers do not stack when put behind one another, exactly as parrots do.

Related Questions and Answers

What does coconut armor do in Super Auto Pets?

An effect called Coconut Shield may stop all harm at once (i.e. when attacked, the wielder takes no damage and the Coconut Shield will disappear). In essence, it is an upgraded form of Melon Armor.

Does Mushroom work on deer Super Auto Pets?

Then, participants just place a Tiger behind their choice of the three and a Mushroom on it. Obviously, they may utilize any combination of many Deers, Roosters, or even Crickets depending on the scale, but the high-level Deer performs best because to the Buses’ inherent Splash Damage.

Is there a sloth in Super Auto Pets?

You may employ the various animals in Super Auto Pets, an auto-battler, to assemble a strong squad. The Sloth is one rogue animal that gamers have encountered. Given that it doesn’t appear in any pack in the game, this seems to be the lone secret animal in Super Auto Pets.

Why is Super Auto Pets so laggy?

Due to the overwhelmingly high number of active players, the Super Auto Pets servers are temporarily congested. Lag and crashes are the effects.

Are Super Auto Pets PVP?

In this free to play relaxed auto battler, you may compete against other players at your own leisure. In Super Auto Pets, you assemble a squad from a cute cast of creatures who will defend you. Selecting a team member is an important decision since they all have different skills. .

How much does Super Auto Pets DLC cost?

The pack is a fascinating addition since it plays quite differently from the first expansion and the basic game. With the new “Weekly” pack mode, which gives a fresh selection of animals and meals from across all packs for free each week, free-to-players can experience some of the expansion’s cuties even if it costs $10.

How many players is Super Auto Pets?

What does butterfly do super auto pets?

A level 3 caterpillar transforms into a 1/1 butterfly at the beginning of each fight. The buddy with the highest stats will then have their stats copied by the Butterfly. However, the Caterpillar’s attributes and gear are lost when it transforms into a Butterfly.

Is Super Auto Pets coming to iOS?

On iOS, Super Auto Pets is available! In this free to play relaxed auto battler, you may compete against other players at your own leisure. In Super Auto Pets, you assemble a squad from a cute cast of creatures who will defend you.

How does matchmaking work in Super Auto Pets?

This basically implies that a player who is having a good run in the Arena will play against a team that destroys them, go back and purchase some pets or food from the store, and then be paired with the same opponent again.

Is Super Auto Pets multiplayer?

You are not constrained or hindered by turn timers in the auto battler Super Auto Pets since it features asynchronous multiplayer. I hope other auto battler-style games include this fantastic feature.

Is Super Auto pets free on Steam?

Super Auto Pets is available for free on iOS, Android, and now Steam. It is completely free to play and only sells two cosmetics, an expansion pack with more animals, and a different matching pool (so there is no advantage over other players unless they choose cross-pack matchmaking).

Who made Super Auto Pets?

Games by Team Wood Developer for Super Auto Pets


The “super auto pets wiki” is a website that has information about the game. It includes the rules, how to play and the different types of cards.

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