How Old Is Peter Parker In No Way Home?

The timeline was investigated. The Marvel fandom assumes Peter Parker is 17 at the time of the events in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter Parker’s birthdate was August, according to Homecoming, which means he should be 23 in No Way Home, which is set in 2024.

Similarly, How old is Peter Parker Tom Holland?

Tom Holland is the youngest actor to portray Peter Parker in a film, having been cast at the age of 19 when the role was announced and 20 when Spider-Man: Homecoming was shot.

Also, it is asked, How old is Peter Parker now?

So, if Peter Parker was 17 in 1962, and we use 2011 as a standard, it’s been 49 years since his first publication. Using the three-to-one rule, it means he’s been alive for around 16 years, making him 33 years old now.

Secondly, How old is Peter Parker in each movie?

Peter is presented as a meek, bespectacled 17-year-old outsider at New York City’s Midtown High School, with a long-standing infatuation on his neighbor Mary Jane Watson.

Also, How old is Peter 2 in No Way Home?

Spidey, played by Tobey Maguire, is roughly 37 years old when he first appears in No Way Home. This is clearly a much older Spider-Man. Maguire’s incarnation was a 17-year-old senior in high school when we first met him. Maguire’s Peter is now about 37 years old, if we add 20 years to that.

People also ask, How old is Tobey Maguire in No Way Home?

46 years old (J.) Age / Tobey Maguire

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What is Deadpool’s age?

Although he has perished countless times, Deadpool is practically immortal. When the new X-Force confronts him 800 years later, he is still alive.

How old is Peter in Homecoming?

How old are the three Spidermans?

The majority of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” takes place at Peter Parker’s high school, Spidey’s alter-ego (Tom Holland). It’s full with high school students, which is appropriate. However, despite the fact that the protagonists in the film are all between the ages of 15 and 18, Hollywood sometimes employs actors far older in similar parts.

What age is Peter in Spider-Man 2?

In Spider-Man 2, it was said that he had been Spider-Man for two years. He seems to be celebrating his 20th (or perhaps 19th) birthday early in the film. Peter has already finished his first year of college at this point.

What will Spiderman 3 be about?

In contrast to previous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, the film investigates the consequences of Spider-Man: Far From Home’s (2019) mid-credits scene, in which Parker’s identity as Spider-Man is revealed, and Parker is more pessimistic.

When was Peter Parker born?

Peter Parker was born in the month of August in the country of France. He was an actor who appeared in films such as An Ideal Husband (1999), Call My Bluff (1965), and Panorama (1965). (1953). Gillian Rowe-Dutton was his wife.

How old is Peter in civil war?

In August 2016, Peter Parker turns 15 for Civil War. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, he is still 15 and in his sophomore year of high school two months later.

Who is Peter 2 in No Way Home?

Andrew Garfield was the most underappreciated Spider-Man for years, with only two films to his credit, but Spider-Man: No Way Home changed that by bringing him back for a third time and serving as a satisfying conclusion to his version of Peter Parkerdubbed Peter #3 by his variants Peter #1 (Tom Holland) and Peter #2

Why did Tobey quit Spider-Man?

Although Spider-Man 2 was a big office blockbuster, Spider-Man 3 did not do as well. Director Sam Raimi intended to rehabilitate himself with Spider-Man 4 after getting severe criticism. The film was never made owing to schedule issues, and Tobey was forced to give up his Spider-Man costume.

Who is Deadpool’s son?

Wilson, Thomas (Earth-616)

How old is May Parker?

Aunt May is the youngest form presented in the movie, seeming to be in her late 30s/early 40s, when most other versions portray her as being old enough to be Peter’s grandmother or at least having gray hair.

How old is Peter Parker in Infinity War?

How old is Peter Parker when he gets his powers?


How smart is Peter Parker?

Aptitude and expertise in science. Apart from his physical skills, Peter is an academically bright scientific adolescent prodigy who excels in the physical sciences and has an IQ of about 250.

How fast can Spider-Man run?

Spider-Man has used his speed to evade explosions, enemies, and life-threatening situations. Spider-top Man’s speed is estimated to be between 200 and 250 miles per hour, according to online consensus. To put it in context, Usain Bolt’s personal best is slightly under 28 miles per hour.

What age is Andrew Garfield?

38 years old (Aug.) Andrew Garfield / Height / Height / Height / Height / Height

Is Spider-Man 4 confirmed?

Former Sony executive Amy Pascal has said that the company is already working on Spider-Man 4 as part of the MCU alongside Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, subsequently said that the producers are “actively starting to create where the plot leads” for Spider-Man 4.

Will there be an Iron Man 4?

The decision has been reached, and it is a loud YES! For Marvel’s heroes, Iron Man 4 is in the works. Robert Downey Jr. foreshadowed the impending conversations regarding the Marvel cinematic universe on The Ellen Show today.

Is Spider-Man a Leo?

For numerous years, the precise date of Peter Parker’s birth was unclear, but due to his Spider-Man: Far From Home passport, fans knew Parker was born on August 10th. As a result, the character is a fiery Leo. Because of their “fire sign” temperament, Leos are noted for being outspoken and ambitious.

How old is miles in the game?

How old is Peter Parker after Endgame?

Who is confirmed Spider-Man 3?

Zendaya reprises her role as MJ, Jacob Batalon reprises his role as Peter’s closest friend Ned, Marisa Tomei reprises her role as Aunt May, and Tony Revolori is set to reprise his role as Flash Thompson. J.B. Smoove, who portrays Mr. Dell, one of Peter’s professors, has also indicated that he will return for the third installment.

Will there be a black Spider-Man?

In the Marvel Comics world, he is the first black Spider-Man and the second Latino Spider-Man. Miles Morales at work. Marvel created this image.

Are all 3 Spider-Man actors together?

Since the Marvel/Sony movie came over Christmas, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield have finally convened online to discuss it. The latter two actors, who previously portrayed distinct incarnations of Spider-Man in other films, returned to reprise their roles in the webslinger’s current adventure.


Peter Parker is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. In the film, “No Way Home”, Peter Parker was played by Jacob Batalon.

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