How Long Do Hedgehogs Live As Pets?

According to Dr. Keller, “Your hedgehog will survive for roughly five years with proper care and maintenance, and some even live more than eight years.”

Similarly, Does a hedgehog make a good pet?

Although they do need some specific care, hedgehogs may be entertaining and low-maintenance family pets. They might be challenging to handle because to their pointy quills. Regular, appropriate touching will encourage them to relax and feel at ease around you.

Also, it is asked, How long do hedgehogs live domesticated?

Hedgehogs in the wild: 2 to 5 years Lifespan of a hedgehog Hedgehogs belonging to the genus Erinaceus belong to the Erinaceidae family. Erinaceus is divided into four primary species. The range encompasses all of Europe, the Middle East, some of Russia, and northern China and Korea. New Zealand has received the European hedgehog. Wikipedia

Secondly, Do hedgehogs live up to 10 years?

Although hedgehogs may survive up to 10 years in captivity, they are very rare. A 10-year-old hedgehog would be as uncommon as a granny who is 104 years old. Some people think that the hybridization of the Algerian and White Bellied species produced a longer-living, more hardy hedgehog.

Also, Why are hedgehogs illegal?

Hedgehogs may still spread infections like salmonella and ringworm to people, and their quills can still pierce the skin. Like ferrets, though, hedgehogs are prohibited in California primarily because of the threat that stray and abandoned hedgehogs bring to local species.

People also ask, Can hedgehogs get depressed?

Depression. Insufficient space will cause a hedgehog to exhibit depressive symptoms such excessive napping, refusing to eat, monotonous behavior, and self-mutilation.

Related Questions and Answers

How old is the oldest hedgehog?

Why is hedgehog lifespan so short?

Compared to their tamed counterparts, wild hedgehogs have quite different lives. They encounter nutritional, predatory, and environmental difficulties every day, which lowers their chances of surviving to a ripe old age.

Can hedgehogs swim?

They can swim really well. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that may run and swim up to 2 kilometres every night in quest of food.

What do pet hedgehogs eat?

The primary components of a pet hedgehog’s diet should be premium hedgehog food combined with premium, low-fat cat food. Small portions of the supplementary meals listed below may be given two to three times per week: insects that have a lot of guts, such mealworms and crickets.

Do hedgehogs like being stroked?

Hedgehogs will erect their spines rather than relax when subjected to light pressure or a “one finger pet” across their backs. While some hedgehogs like having their spines stroked, others may find it repulsive.

Do hedgehogs poop a lot?

Hedgies do a lot of feces! Additionally, if your hedgehog has wheels, they will wind up running through their own feces and forming “poop boots” while they do so. But don’t worry, Squeaky Clean is excellent for properly soaking and cleaning your wheel without using harsh or harmful chemicals.

How often do hedgehogs need baths?

Every month

How much does a 2 year old hedgehog cost?

At the few states where purchasing and owning hedgehogs is permitted, you may get them in pet shops for between $150 and $200.

Do hedgehogs need to go to the vet?

Hedgehogs need regular veterinarian appointments much as cats and dogs do. Although spaying and neutering should be taken into consideration if many hedgehogs are kept together as pets, they do not need vaccines. To keep an eye on their general health, hedgehogs should undergo yearly wellness and fecal checks.

What is the purpose of a hedgehog?

A hedgehog gets its name from the pig-like grunts it makes as it makes its way through the bushes. Due to the fact that they hunt on several common garden pests, some people see hedgehogs as beneficial pets.

Are hedgehogs good pets for kids?

Hedgehogs. These spiny animals have a lifetime of five to seven years, making them adorable, amiable, and reasonably long-lived even though they don’t make cuddly pets. Hedgehogs will become sociable with your kid if they are handled while they are young. The drawback is that you can wind up shelling out more money for them.

Do hedgehogs have fleas?

If there is a severe flea infestation in the house, fleas may and will infest hedgehogs, although they often avoid the African pygmy hedgehog due to its low body temperature and the quills that cover the majority of its body.

Do hedgehogs get jealous?

Males are also susceptible to this. In general, being close to a hedgehog of the opposing gender, for instance, might increase the likelihood that it will bite you. Sometimes, envy and territory might also come into play.

Can hedgehogs cry?

If you hear a hedgehog cry, you could mistake it for the cries of an agitated infant. Only pigs in extreme anguish and suffering make this sounds. The hog may likely get injuries or become stuck.

How often should I play with my hedgehog?

Hedgehogs kept as pets thrive when touched often, even for brief periods of time. We advise spending as least 30 minutes a day petting your hedgehog. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening are the best times to do this job.

What colors can hedgehogs see?

Hedgehog vision is inferior than that of humans. They don’t actually use their vision all that much, so it’s okay. Because of their poor color vision, which only includes colors of cream and brown, they can only perceive the contour of things like trees.

How big do pet hedgehogs get?

Hedgehog with four toes: 6.3 in. Hedgehog with a long ear: 8.3 in. 9.3 inches: European hedgehog Hedgehog with an Indian long ear: 6.4 in.

Is my hedgehog a boy or girl?

The penile sheath of male hedgehogs is situated almost halfway up the stomach and resembles a large belly button. The sex organ is located next to the anus in females. Within the stomach hair, both sexes have a row of nipples on each side. Due to their tiny stature, newborns make it challenging to distinguish between sexes.

What can hedgehogs not eat?

Hedgehogs cannot consume milk. Avocado. Bread. fresh meat. orange fruit Raisins. Onion. Grapes.

Can hedgehogs drink milk?

Hedgehogs cannot digest milk or bread, so never give them either since it irritates their tummies. Be mindful that leaving food out will attract more than just hedgehogs; it will also attract other species, including predators.

Can I feed my hedgehog fried chicken?

Leaner chicken parts should be cooked correctly to assist minimize the amount of fat in the meat. Never provide chicken to your hedgehog that has been fried or seasoning. Hedgehogs often like chicken breast since it is lean and nutritious.


Hedgehogs can live up to 7 years as pets. Pygmy hedgehogs, however, have a life span of about 3-5 years.

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