Are Turtles Good Pets?

Similarly, Do turtles make your room smell?

Although you would not expect reptiles to have much fragrance—and a wet turtle doesn’t smell anything like a wet dog—they can nonetheless emit foul odors.

Also, it is asked, Do turtles poop a lot?

When should my turtle go potty? Baby turtles and tortoises normally defecate every day, which is more often than adults. A hatchling should not cease pooping for more than a day or two.

Secondly, How much do turtles cost?

Turtle Breeder: $20–$40 Box Turtle: $25 to $50 Slider, Red-Eared: $10–30 $20–$100 for a common wood turtle

Also, Will a turtle bite you?

Although their shells provide excellent protection, most turtles will bite if required to save themselves. Though pet turtles may sometimes bite, this is more common in wild turtles. For owners of little turtles, this is a somewhat unimportant problem, but bites from giant turtles may result in serious harm.

People also ask, Do turtles poop out of their mouths?

Contrary to popular belief, our findings imply that urea excretion by soft-shelled turtles may occur mostly via the mouth. Because of their salty environment, experts hypothesize that Chinese soft-shelled turtles expel urea via their lips rather than their kidneys.

Related Questions and Answers

Do pet turtles like to be handled?

Turtles never like being picked up and handled; they really prefer to be left alone. Many individuals lose interest in caring for turtles since they are not friendly, don’t like being handled, caressed, or hugged, and don’t play with toys.

Do you have to clean turtle poop?

Cleaning Your Turtle’s Home * Ensure that your turtle has access to fresh, clean water at all times and that any meal leftovers don’t go bad. * Every day, remove the turtle waste with a “poop scoop.” * Once a month, ask an adult to clean the whole tank.

Can I keep a turtle in a 10 gallon tank?

As a general guideline, allocate 10 gallons of water every inch of the turtle, with a minimum tank capacity of 20 gallons for hatchling red-eared sliders. Remember that red-eared sliders may reach adult sizes of 10 to 12 inches, so you’ll probably ultimately want a pretty big tank.

Do female turtles get periods?

Periods are absent in female tortoises. The female tortoise’s shell gland produces eggshells once a year in order to develop a viable ovum. The female turtle will deposit her eggs even if she hasn’t mated, but none will hatch. This is comparable to human menstruation in reptiles.

Is turtle urine toxic?

Their bodies degrade protein in this demanding environment, producing poisonous ammonia that is then packaged as urea. Since the burden is so heavy, drinking water to wash it out would cause their kidneys to become overloaded with salt.

Does turtle pee smell?

At initially, there isn’t a strong scent to tortoise poop. Two, unless you can see a wet place or you observe your cat urinating, you can be caught off guard by a smelly, moist, concealed spot a week or so later. Urine left in the cage may begin to smell, much like the poo disaster described above.

Why is my turtle poop red?

It is more probable a problem further down in the digestive system if there are red specks of blood in the turtle’s feces but it otherwise seems healthy. For instance, it’s conceivable that new blood shows up in their excrement if they have a cut or abrasion on their cloaca.

Can turtles recognize their name?

Given enough time, turtles can genuinely remember their name. The main reason turtles will identify their caretakers is because they are happy you are giving them food.

Do turtles like their shell scratched?

In actuality, turtles’ shells include nerve endings, and a scratch does really feel pleasant. Our large sea turtles are no different. The next time you go and see a turtle slipping its shell under a coral finger, you will know that they are just enjoying a nice back rub.

Why does my turtle try to bite me?

Why tries to bite me my turtle? Even while certain turtle species are more hostile than others, almost all turtles will snap at you if they feel threatened. If your turtle has tried to bite you or has already done so, it most likely did so out of fear.

How do I stop my turtle tank from smelling?

How to Remove Turtle Tank Smells Eliminate the leftovers. After the day is through, scoop up any food particles floating on the surface of your turtle tank using a skimmer net. Skin of a clean molten shell. Keep a Proper Temperature. Tank cleaning sanitize a dry tank.

Can turtles live in a tank full of water?

Aquatic turtles may live in groups, with bigger fish (they’ll devour little fish), in tanks or ponds. These guys need an aquarium with a minimum capacity of 55 gallons since they are excellent swimmers.

How often should I change turtle water?

Replace part of the water in the tank with clean water at least once every week. The water in which your turtles swim may appear normal, but it may have excessive levels of ammonia or nitrite. Clean the whole tank and replace the filter every two to three weeks.

How often do you feed a turtle?

Smaller or younger turtles will consume a lot of food each day. Adult turtles may be given a sizable piece of food every two or three days as they become older.

Do turtles smell?

Although you would not expect reptiles to have much fragrance—and a wet turtle doesn’t smell anything like a wet dog—they can nonetheless emit foul odors. Other than the turtles, there are other potential reasons for a tank to smell foul, including as old or decaying food.


The “is a turtle a good pet for a kid” is a question that many people ask themselves before getting a pet. The answer to this question depends on the person, but turtles are typically considered to be good pets for children.

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