Are Hamsters Good Pets?

Many people think hamsters make wonderful pets. They are adorable, cuddly, and enjoyable to hold, don’t need a lot of care, and receive adequate exercise running on their wheel. Some kids may find them to be a great first pet.

Similarly, Do hamsters like to be held?

They dislike being held. If you surprise them or awaken them from a deep slumber, or if your hands smell like another animal or food, they are more likely to bite. Carefully handle your hamster.

Also, it is asked, Are hamsters hard to take care of?

Therefore, nothing related to hamster care should be seen as challenging to learn. Hamsters are excellent pets since they are very clean creatures. The majority of hamsters soon develop the habit of utilizing only one cage area as a toilet. The remainder of the cage will be maintained immaculately clean.

Secondly, Do hamsters stink?

Although hamsters don’t smell, if you aren’t careful, their cages definitely will. At least once each week, the whole hamster’s cage has to be cleaned. Remove all of the bedding, thoroughly clean the enclosure with warm water and a light detergent, and then line it with fresh bedding.

Also, Do hamsters have periods?

The estrous cycle in hamsters is short and regular (4 days), the ovulation period is predictable, and the gestation period is brief (16 days)

People also ask, Can I let my hamster run around my room?

Additionally, there is a greater chance that they may get wedged in spaces like those between cabinets or beneath furniture. It is OK to let your hamsters walk freely regardless of species as long as they are manageable or your space is hamster-proof.

Related Questions and Answers

Do hamsters poop a lot?

Because they consume so much and are so little, hamsters have a lot of feces. Simply keep in mind to clean the cage often and to keep an eye on your pet’s feces habits to make sure that everything is how it should be.

What should I know before getting a hamster?

Ten Important Facts About Owning a Pet Hamster How to Maintain a Healthy and Happy Hamster. 1 – Not too young. 2. Always give hamsters their food from a dish. 3. Daily Hamster Food Change. Feed fresh food to hamsters every other day. 5 — Weekly Cage Cleaning and Monthly Hamster Bedding Change. Hamsters Do Not Require Assistance with Grooming.

How do you shower a hamster?

Rinse with warm water after using a shampoo that is suitable for hamsters, being careful to avoid getting any soap in the mouth or eyes. Bathe your hamster in a warm, draft-free space, such as the bathtub. To prevent your hamster from escaping, choose a cleanable, waterproof container with high edges, such a Tupperware container.

What is the average cost of a hamster?

A hamster will typically cost between $5 to $15 in a store, and you may pay a little bit more if you choose a rare breed.

How often do you feed a hamster?

How to Feed Your Hamster. Feed your hamster once daily, preferably in the morning. Whether it is best to feed your hamster in the morning or the evening has been debated by experts. But it’s critical that hamsters eat consistently.

Can you take a hamster for a walk?

You can lead your own hamster for a stroll as well if you use a strong harness and put in a lot of effort. However, it’s crucial to remember that walking your hamster puts it at danger of suffering a major injury or perhaps passing away. Remember that there are safer ways to amuse and exercise hamsters.

How often should a hamster be out of its cage?

The majority of hamster owners let their pets out of their cages every day, and many experts advise doing so at least once a week. Like people, hamsters that are given the freedom to roam outside of their steel-encased houses are generally happier and healthier.

Should I cover my hamsters cage during the day?

A Cage Cover It is not required to cover the cages of hamsters during the day since they do not need darkness to sleep.

How long does a hamster live?

Dwarf hamster from Roborovski Mandarin hamster

Do hamsters poop out of their mouth?

Conversation. Today I learned that hamsters often pick out their excrement and put it in their mouths to check for any missing nutrients.

Do hamsters spray urine?

My six-month-old female hamster has just (within the last three weeks) begun spraying pee outside of her cage. I had only ever seen the effects of the spray on the wall or floor; it had never really happened before.

Can you leave hamsters alone?

If you provide your hamster the right quantity of food and water, you may leave him alone for up to a week, however it is only advised to do so for 3 or 4 days at most. However, having someone take care of your hamster for you or at least see him sometimes is preferable.

What is wet tail?

Sadly, even when treated early, the highly dangerous hamster condition known as wet tail has a significant fatality rate. “Wet Tail” refers to a bacterial illness that is often brought on by stress and is called after the visible indication of wetness around the hamster’s tail and back from diarrhea.

Can I clean my hamster with baby wipes?

A hamster’s cage may be cleaned using unscented baby wipes. Afterward, you’ll still need to use water to wash away any leftover debris.

Do hamster litter boxes work?

To begin your potty-training journey, all you’ll need is a litter box and litter after you’ve identified your hamster’s preferred locations. A lid is included with some commercial litter boxes to keep the odour within. Others are space-saving corner pans for your hamster’s cage. Both are effective; it simply depends on your choice.

Do hamsters need sunlight?

Hamsters should be maintained in a room where the lights turn out roughly at the same time every night. Avoid having lights on at odd times of the day. Additionally, hamsters are susceptible to direct sunshine.


Hamsters are a good pet for kids. They are small, easy to care for, and don’t require a lot of space. Hamsters can also be trained to do tricks like sit or roll over.

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